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If you have had your telephone connection to your home or business serviced or if you have changed to a new carrier, it is VERY important that you check to make sure that the security system is still properly wired to the telephone connection. If it is not, the alarm system may not be able to send information to the monitoring center in the future.

Here is how to perform this test:

  1. Call someone (not us) on the telephone line that is connected to the security system.

  2. While you have them on the line, cause your alarm system to send a phone test to the monitoring center. Read your user manual for instructions on how to do this. If the security system is properly connected, you (and the person with whom you were speaking) will be disconnected from your conversation very soon. The security system has priority use of the phone line over a regular phone call. If you do NOT get disconnected from your phone call and can still hear your friend at the other end of the call, the phone line is NOT properly connected to the alarm panel.

  3. If you ARE disconnected from your phone call with your friend, in about a minute the alarm panel should indicate to you that the test call was successful. If you DON'T get disconnected from your phone call and you then hang up the phone, the alarm will likely make the call to the monitoring center anyway. Things are still not wired properly. Don't quit yet!

  4. If the call doesn’t go through to the monitoring center as it should, call your telephone service provider (not us) and tell them that they have wired the alarm panel to the phone connection improperly. They should come and make the changes for you at no charge. If they do not, and we have to come and do it for them, YOU will get an invoice from us for our time. It will then be up to you to fight it out with Comcast or your "other" telephone service provider to get your money back from them.